345-S Throttle Confirmation

I am about to purchase or have purchased a 345-S and/or a 345 with throttle.

I hereby confirm the following:

  1. I am fully aware that the 345-S and/or 345 with throttle is prohibited by law to be ridden on public roads and public land and must only be used off-road or on private land;
  2. I recognise and acknowledge that NewGen Global Ltd have appropriately communicated about the legal usage of the 345-S and the 345 with throttle throughout their marketing and sales materials and customer interactions;
  3. I acknowledge that NewGen Global Ltd cannot be held responsible if the usage of my 345-S or 345 with throttle deviates from the use detailed in section 1;
  4. I hereby release NewGen Global Ltd of all claims and liabilities that might arise now or in the future as a result of any unlawful use of the 345-S or 345 with throttle.

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